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Mouth - nose - masks, makeshift masks - THREE-LAYER, washable

- Wearing makeshift masks is particularly helpful and can reduce the risk of pathogen transmission to others.
- Security is significantly increased.
- Very good bacteria filtration.
- Prevents the automatic touching of the mouth and nose area

- A mask to increase the security of 3 material layers:
The outer layer is an SMMS composite fabric (spunbond, meltblown, meltblown and spunbond) with a weight of 40 g / m2. Spunbond layers offer exceptional tear resistance that extends the life of the mask, while meltblown layers form an effective germ barrier.
Middle layer - the SPUNLACE 70% PES and 30% CV with breathable and antibacterial properties. Inner layer SPUNBOND with a basis weight of 35 g / m2
- width 19.5cm x height (10cm to 16cm); fastened with two knitted rubber bands.
- It is easy to use and does not rub your ears.
- The fabrics used are ÖKO-TEX certified.
- Each pack is sealed, which guarantees that the masks are new and unused.

PROPERTIES of the materials used:
-SMMS fleece, which uses 100% polypropylene as the raw material, is non-toxic. SMMS can replace pure cotton fabrics. SMMS is soft, delicate and kind to the skin. 
The outer layers of SPUNBOND consist of fibers with very high tear strength. The MELTBLOWN layer consists of continuous microfibers and has a good barrier effect against moisture, bacteria and dust, a high resistance to water pressure and a good air permeability as well as a good resistance to acids and alkalis. Suitable for high and low temperatures.
-SPUNLACE - The fabric has antibacterial properties and is breathable.

- The mask can be cleaned by scalding it with boiling water and leaving it in hot water for about 30 seconds. Then remove the mask and let it dry without wringing it out. You can gently squeeze out excess water. DO NOT IRON!

The product offered is a mouth covering, not a medical respirator. The product does not comply with an FFP standard and is not certified.
Wearing the mouth covering does not protect against respiratory infections. At most, it can reduce the risk of pathogen transmission to others. No guarantee is given for this. It is scientifically recommended to wear it close and to replace it regularly when it is wet.

The masks cannot be returned after opening the packaging.
Please note our right of withdrawal, especially hygiene reasons.


1. Wash your hands regularly with water and soap for a sufficient length of time (at least 20 seconds).
2. Keep enough distance (at least 1.5-2m) from people who have cough, runny nose or fever.

3. Sneeze or cough in the crook of your arm or in a handkerchief.
4. Keep your hands away from your face (eyes, nose, mouth).
5. Avoid touching (e.g. shaking hands or hugging).

Source: © Federal Center for Health Education,

Additional product information

Size Width 19.5cm x height (10cm to 16cm);
Tissue SMMS-Vlies
Colour Blue, White
Packaging Every pack is sealed
Quality The fabrics used are ÖKO-TEX certified. Product from a manufactory (Made in EU).

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