Mattress pad camel - "Dromedar"

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Mattress pad Camel - "Dromedar" highest quality made ​​from wool of camels. Has excellent thermal properties.
Upper side: camel wool - grammage 560 g/m².
Underside: cotton.
With 4 rubbe holders a shift of the substrate is prevented.
The bedding made ​​of camel wool to keep constant body temperature, are incredibly soft, fine and also incredibly strong. The camel wool is very pleasant to the touch gives the feeling of softness, holds peaceful sleep, protects from the overheating of the organism and antiallergic effect.
It contains natural organic lanolin wax. The lanolin coats each fiber of the wool and stops the development of the mites, and protects it from dirt. Beneficial properties: relieves kidney pain, reduces post-traumatic pain, has anti-allergic properties, possesses anti-asthmatic properties, repels dust.

Properties of wool.

Additional product information

material Upper side: camel wool. Lower side: Cotton
color brown
grammage 560 g/m²
indications of quality WOOLMARK Label

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