Mattress pads

Mattress pads


Quality mattress / mattress toppers made ​​of camel wool, alpaca wool and merino wool.

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Mattress topper cashmere

222.77 *

Mattress made of fine alpaca llama wool. Has excellent thermal properties. The new, unique collection of alpaca.

223.13 *

Very fine wool mattress topper from Merino sheep. Upper side / underside: merino wool.

180.00 *

Very fine mattress overlay / mattress pad, merino wool from New Zealand merino sheep.

210.63 *

Mattress pad high quality, made from wool of camels "Sahara". Has excellent thermal properties.

223.13 *

Very fine underbed / bed pad / mattress pad made of wool from merino sheep. Upper side: merino wool.

132.60 *

Mattress pad Camel - "Dromedar" highest quality made ​​from wool of camels. Has excellent thermal properties.

210.00 *

Very fine mattress pad, bed pad  BQ * - "Uluru" - Australian merino wool from sheep.


224.00 *
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