Signature bedding made of camel, cashmere, alpaca and merino wool.

We give you blankets, throws, mattress pads, wool beds, dressing gown and cardigans in almost all sizes.

Our special service for you: Bedding sizes. Sleep plays an important role in everyone's life, it is to serve the regeneration of the organism. Insulate the conventional duvets and are impervious to air. This drawback prevents the organism breathes through the skin and as a consequence leads to heating of the body during sleep. The whole night so take the effort to the right temperature, the rising and blankets. man sleeping in beds completely different from cashmere, camel, alpaca or merino wool. Bedding Wool cause by the contraction and expansion of the hair independently adjusting the air flow to the temperature conditions of the environment. In addition, the hair of wool has a great ability to absorb moisture. Therefore, wool beds are able to take a lot of human sweat and quickly release it again when releasing. Wool absorbs dirt poor, the elastic fiber is crease resistant. She is very colored and flame resistant.