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Two-ply cashmere blanket. Cashmere top, front diamond optics, Rear: Uni.

Two-ply cashmere blanket. Cashmere top Diamant-Optics, Rear: Uni.
grammage 2x 560 g / m², triple-refined finest natural fiber, wide Urban Velo your version of Nobel labeling,
Elegant embroidery on a mattress, pillow and blanket.
Natural purity. The dirt collects on the surface only in the depths of the wool is clean and is easy to keep clean.
Great ability to absorb moisture and release it again when releasing quickly, the surface water comes from, however.

Cashmere wool is obtained from carefully sorted wool of cashmere goats. Their unusual lightness and warmth will surely find the recognition, and the healing properties helps in many rheumatic disorders.

Properties of wool.

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cashmere wool. Front Diamant-Optics, Rear: uni
2x 560 g/m²
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