Duvet australian merino wool "Fantasia"

Duvet australian merino wool "Fantasia"

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Exclusive Australian Merino wool duvet - "Fantasia". Two layers of warm blanket of high fineness.

Exclusive duvet from Australian merino wool - "Fantasia". Two layers of warm blanket of high fineness. Front: model "Fantasia" / Rear: uni - white. Pure new wool. Grammage 520 g/m², (simply). With WOOLMARK Label.
Natural therapeutic properties can you secure through the use of bedding made ​​from the wool of the sheep that were bred in Australia. This bedding is suitable for everyone, including children. It has the largest concentration of lanolin from all merino wool.
Beneficial properties: relieves kidney pain, reduces post-traumatic pain, eliminating conditions for the development of mites, has anti-allergic properties, possesses anti-asthmatic properties, improves circulation, relieves muscle tension, creates warm, dry sleeping environment, repels dust.

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Australian merino wool
Front: model "Fantasia" / Rear: uni - white
520g/m², (per page)
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