Alpaca wool mattress pad "Titicaca"

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Mattress made of fine alpaca llama wool. Has excellent thermal properties. The new, unique collection of alpaca.

Very smooth mattress in fine llama alpaca wool, 100% wool pile.
grammage 560 g / m², triple refined finest natural fiber, wide Urban Velo Your version.
Top: Llama Alpaca wool, bottom: Silvercare, mattress filling - Breathable special fabric.
The new unique collection alpaca. The alpaca wool is very elastic and stretchable. Is easy and is excellent at retaining heat. The animals are raised in high mountains of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. Woolly and curled coat protect alpacas from the cold in high regions of South America.

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Llama-alpaca wool, bottom: Silvercare. Mattress filling - Breathable special fabric.
light Gray
560 g/m²
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