Properties of wool

Wool is a renewable resource that has been shown to use since about 3000 BC. Renewable raw materials are organic raw materials that originate from agricultural and forestry production and are used by people targeted for further applications outside the food and feed area.The wool-producing sheep (sheep wool), cashmere goats (cashmere wool), camels (camel wool) and small camels as alpacas. Shorn wool production to the animals (wool) or be combed out. Even the ancestors of the Incas made ​​from the finest wool yarn in the South American alpacas. Even today it is considered a high-quality alpaca yarn. It keeps the heat five times better than sheep wool. Kashmir ash by microscopic LufttBettwarenset it holds heat better than almost any other animal fibers.For products from goat's wool cashmere and camel wool health benefits are proven. The sleep plays a major role in the life of every human being, he is to serve the regeneration of the organism. 

The traditional spring beds are isolated and impermeable to air. This drawback prevents the organism breathes through the skin and as a consequence leads to heat the body during sleep. The whole night lasts so the search for the right temperature, the ups and covers. Completely different from the person sleeping in beds made of sheep wool, goat wool or camel wool.The wool has a so-called natural thermoregulation properties. Wool can absorb water in the fiber interior, the surface water comes from, however. The recording can be up to 33% of the dry weight amount of wool, without that it feels damp. It also wicks moisture off much faster than for example the much-used cotton. As woolen goods (relative to their total volume) of up to 85% air exist, they are good thermal insulators: the little body heat escapes. Colloquially, it is said, therefore, that good wool "warm", although wool itself actually only reflects the heat radiation of the body. Beds made of wool by the cause contraction and expansion of the hair independently adjusting the air flow to the temperature conditions of the environment. Therefore, wool beds in a position to absorb a lot of human sweat and the air quickly leave.

Wool absorbs dirt from bad, the elastic fiber is crease resistant. She is very colorfast and flame resistant. It does not burn. Wool absorbs as opposed to synthetic fibers with little odor and has a natural self-cleaning function. Recorded odor is released into the air, the smell of wool recently airing back to neutral and fresh. Wool neutralizes positive ions. Positive ions interfere with the human organism. Effects include fatigue, muscle pain and excessive excitability. Wanted to eliminate the positive ionization and replaces them with negative, the nature of the human body. Considering the above factors, it is worthwhile to use healthy wool bedding, for sleep is to cleanse and refresh the body.

Woolen material from which our products are manufactured contain lanolin, a natural light grease from the skin glands, especially the merino sheep. Lanolin is effective against rheumatism, enlarged skin pores, allowing the good of the whole body breathing, improves blood circulation under the skin and slows the aging process. The lanolin protects the hair from pollution. The dirt collects on the surface only in the depths of the wool stays clean and is easy to keep clean. By using our wool products can reduce the house temperature of 1-2 ° with no problems, no freezes that one. With just this one small action can save up to a year in heating costs € 100. You can almost build a little capital, if they assume that this bedding products have an average lifespan of up to 15 years. You have a very restful sleep can start with a good conscience in the day and also contribute to environmental protection.

Ventilate: convince sheep wool products through its natural purity. The care of sheep wool products is easy. The natural self-cleaning effect of the wool causes regular shaking and airing of the products is usually sufficient. Slight wrinkles and odors disappear quickly if the bedding or clothing into the damp night air is hung. Alternatively, you can also provide high humidity in the bathroom: Short turn on the hot shower and let it hang over night (ideal for travel).


Latex rod.The pillow has a fill of latex rod. The loose fill latex rods can be distributed and is comfortablysupportive.The excellent recovery properties of the fillers ergomed long retain its volume. For weight shift and press together to give relief immediately after again. The latex rods are due to the antibacterial properties of latex is ideal as a filler for people with dust mite allergy. The material is easy to clean.


Alpacas are camelids (llamas), the half-bred or wild 4000-5000 meters live .. While the llama was the South American civilizations, especially as pack animal, the alpaca was bred for its wool. The animals are all 2-4 years shaved. The yield per fleece is very low and amounts to only 2 - 4 kg CASHMERE The cashmere wool (cash mers) is a very fine and soft fiber, which is obtained by combing the end of winter from the undercoat of the cashmere goat. The cashmere goats live mainly in the province of Kashmir (North India), Mongolia, China and the Himalayas up to 5000 meters. The name is derived from the region of Kashmir Kashmir is one of the most valuable and most expensive natural fibers The sale price depends on the quality of wool. The hair should be as finely as possible (thin), long, curly and bright (white). About 100 to 150 grams per animal collected wool.


Camel hair is from the fine hairs of the humped camel (dromedary) and two-humped camel of (Bactrian) camels produced live in the driest savannah, in the hottest deserts and the highest mountains of Asia Minor, Africa and Australia. The temperature differences ranging from low to high plus minus values. For these difficult conditions can be deduced that the high durability and high heat retention capacity and output of camel hair. The hair can absorb moisture up to 40% of its own weight, which is a dry, anti-rheumatic sleeping environment with the result. The shiny fibers perfectly warm, are durable, very agreeable, healthy, and yet light and soft. Camel wool products are characterized by their elemental purity, which makes maintenance very easy. The natural self-cleaning effect of camel wool allows regular shaking and release of goods is normally sufficient. Camel hair is only offered in natural colors because it can be dyed only with great difficulty. The color palette ranges from nearly white (baby camel hair) to reddish brown.

Contraindications and information:1. The products of wool can cause (very rare) potential hazards: can be: a) skin, eye and respiratory irritation, which causes the irritating effect of the wool fibers, the penetration of loose fibers into eyes and nose, the incorrect care and its potential consequence redness, conjunctivitis, can be coughing, sneezing and skin itching . b) allergy, the potential cause sensitivity to wool. Its potential consequence pimples skin and respiratory disorders. can be c) difficult healing of injured skin, the cause of the use of wool products directly to damaged skin and may be the potential complications of wound healing.2. Product is not intended to be used by persons who are allergic to sheep wool.3. For infants, small children and persons who are sensitive to the irritant effect of wool, it is recommended to use the shells of cotton. It also protects against the penetration of fibers into eyes, nose and throat. In children, one should also pay attention to the possibility that statutory elements, particularly buttons can be demolished.4. Adverse effects that are associated with the use of the product, please contact your physician.5. Changes that may occur in the product during use, result from the natural properties of the fibers, ie from the ability to connect individual fibers in fiber groups and from the ability to concatenate the narrow fibers. The changes described in this issue are phenomena in the natural products that are 100% made ​​of natural wool. They deteriorate in any way affect the quality or value of the product. Out of consideration for the characteristics of the goods of wool reserves the seller that the mass of the products to vary + / - 5 cm can.

Properties of wool.