Care of Wool

Woolen material from which our products are manufactured contain lanolin, a natural light grease from the skin glands, especially the merino sheep. Lanolin is effective against rheumatism, enlarged skin pores, allowing the good of the whole body breathing, improves blood circulation under the skin and slows the aging process.The lanolin protects the hair from pollution. The dirt collects on the surface only in the depths of the wool stays clean and is easy to keep clean.

The manufacturer recommends hand washing the product by being soaked in the detergent with a lot of lanolin (wool detergents). The temperature of the wash should not exceed 30 ° C and the duration of the wash 15 - 30 minutes. The product should be washed carefully. It must not be thrown or mechanically wrung. After washing, the product should be dried for 2-3 hours lying. Then you should hang the product in a lüftigen-shaded place. You should protect the product from the sunlight.You can also wash in the washing machine with the program "WOOL". And what's important, you always have to air wool.

The chemical cleaning is permitted only in specialized laundries.